Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) helps companies develop, implement and optimize recruitment processes and recruitment strategies. An RPO program can help you source, recruit and onboard talent to achieve significant strategic advantage and cost savings with sustainable results. RPO-Capabilities From sourcing and recruiting to hiring and onboarding, RPO solutions can help you find the talent you need to be successful. The RPO Provider takes responsibility for one or a number of processes and provide streamlined process design, execution and management. St,Mark’s World RPO leads with experienced Health care industry practitioners to offer our clients a unique combination of recruitment services. We have more than 15 years of experience in workforce solutions and have helped clients of all sizes optimize their recruiting strategies.

Why to choose St.Mark’s World?

  • We Ease your Recruiting Challenges
  • We ease the burden of our clients by providing them highly-skilled talent professionals
  • We provide an efficient and centralized system to achieve recruitment goals, while allowing the customer to focus on strategic planning, and critical decision making

A Case study

Most of our customers needed both an efficient and centralized system, and a dedicated team to achieve their recruitment goals. They sought a partner with an intimate knowledge of the industry, in order to understand the highly professional roles needed. The customer chose St. Mark’s World due to the company’s ability to provide end-to-end RPO services that can be customized to each company’s unique needs.

For this customer, RPO has proven to be the right choice to fill open positions,improve talent quality and streamline recruitment initiatives. St. Mark’s World successfully delivers all talent forecasting, job requisition development, sourcing strategies,recruitment, and program management. St. Mark’s World centralized applicant tracking and reporting system allows for immediate communication with candidates to further enhance the process. Producing automated acknowledgment and communication to applicants, the system improves user experience while eliminating the need for the customer’s HR team to do manual, separate tracking.

St. Mark’s World fulfillment team is well-positioned to deliver talent to drive the customer’s business. With this recruitment model, St. Mark’s World has filled 250+ positions for the customers. Also, the business partners are no longer saddled with tactical recruitment duties. This approach gives the customer’s strategic partners much more time to focus on their core duties.