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Employee Contact Form


  • Please download the employment application below and provide us with all necessary information upon your interview with St. Mark’s World.

    Download the employment application.
    W-4 Form
    W-9 Form
    I-9 Form
    Equal Opportunity Policy 

    Important Forms for Professionals:

    PT Licensure Application
    PT Form 5
    OT Licensure Application
    OT Form 5
    Change Form

    Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse Licensure Form

    Helpful links for prospecting employees:

    Federation board of Physical Therapy:
    The American Physical Therapy Association:
    Case status Check”immigration “:

  • Employee work hours are tracked and calculated through timekeeping by phone. All staff will call a toll free number to clock in/clock out.

    How it works:

    • When it is time to clock in and out, employees simply dial our toll free number and enter their employee code. Use our Random Voice Verification feature to confirm the identity of the employee via a voicemail to the supervisor.
    • The location of each call is tracked using patented caller-id technology. St.Marks can review the calls to determine if employees are clocking in and out from appropriate locations.
    • Every call is time stamped with the current time and date so employees can be assured that all time cards are accurate – even across time zones.
    • Updated resume
    • License and Registration
    • Eligibility for License
    • Updated PPD Test (issued within a year)
    • Chest X-Ray if PPD is positive
    • Immigration status with documents
    • Two forms of identification (1) must be government issued pictured id
    • School Transcripts
    • Updated Physical Exam (issued within a year)
    • Proof of Vaccination / Immunizations with readings (rubella, measles, mumps, varicella)
    • Current Malpractice Insurance(we recommend
  • St. Mark’s World has many positions within the company.

    PT/PTA Office Manager
    OT/COTA Manager Director
    PT Aide Regional Manager
    Rehab Manager Accountant
    Rehab Director Marketing Specialist
    Rehab Coordinator Receptionist
    Placement Manager Billers
    Recruitment Manager Human Resources Coordinator
    Kinesiologist Exercisologist
    Massage Therapist Registered Nurse
    Licensed Practical Nurse Certified Nursing Assistant

To contact any of the staff members of St. Mark’s World

Employee Contact Form